Guardian Homes

One of the hardest thing about raising these sweet, kind and loving dogs is letting them go. We love having several dogs in our house, because that’s who we are, over the top dog people, but at the same time, we know we only have so much time and so many hands available for petting and loving. This is where our guardian homes play a huge part in helping us to be the best at what we do.

Our guardian homes are such a wonderful part of our breeding program. These families allow our dogs to live in their forever homes with all of the love, care and attention that every dog deserves. Which allows us to have these precious dogs for breeding to continue our bloodlines and grow our breeding program while providing them with a wonderful, loving forever home from 8 weeks old.

These special families enjoy the process of knowing their precious dog will produce more wonderful dogs just like their dog. Bernedoodles are incredible dogs and we are so honored to get to be the stewards of this sweet and amazing breed. We love having a house full of Bernedoodles, and we love to share the love!

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We Need Great Guardian Homes

We are actively looking for guardian homes in the Austin/San Marcos area for our breeding dogs. This relationship allows the family to receive a puppy for no charge, entering into an agreement to love and care for the puppy to Texas Bernedoodles guidelines and co-own the dog until 5 years of age, allowing the dog to be used in our breeding program. At 5 years (sometimes earlier) of age the dog is spayed or neutered and it belongs to the guardian 100%. Please contact us for more information about this unique opportunity to own an authentic Bernedoodle for no charge for Bernedoodle for sale.

We enjoy seeing how happy our dogs are with their forever families and all the love and attention they receive. Our guardian families always tell us how lucky they feel to be blessed with such a special dog, but we feel just as lucky to share our dogs with these families. It is always our goal to find perfect homes for our sweet puppies. Please contact us today if this an opportunity you would be thrilled to be a part of. We can promise you a great dog if you can promise us you will love it and care for it as we would.

Some of the guidelines of becoming a guardian family are:

  • Love and care for the dog
  • Provide vet care
  • Take lots of great pictures and share them with Texas Bernedoodles
  • Get the dog to us in Wimberley when we need it for testing or breeding
  • Keep the dog groomed to our specifications
  • Communicate with us often about how your dog is doing
  • Feed and treat your dog according to our guidelines listed in the Puppy Checklist
  • Make sure your dog is a family member, not a pet
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